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Accounting Servcies

Management Information

Will you need periodic accounts or other information i.e.weekly/monthly/quarterly?

To what extent will you computerise the operation?

What personnel will be responsible for providing information?

How reliable will the figures be?

What have the results been to date?

Have you carried out sensitivity analysis?

Product Details
Describe your product or service?
What is the required quality of your product?
Is there a range of products you wish to provide?
What differentiates your products from your competitors?
What is the pricing structure of the product(s)?
How is this different from your competitors?
Production Process
Does your product follow a production process?

What are the worker & machinery requirements?

Have you considered the use of brands, patents, copyrights?

What sort of image do you wish to project for your product? i.e. quality

What image does your competition have?

Do you have a logo for your product(s)?

Do you know what business stationery you require and have you arranged to print this?

Have you arranged for signs to be made for your business premises?

Business Name
Have you decided on a name for your business?

Does this name conflict with another on the business names register?

If you are trading as a limited company has this been formed?

Is your chosen company name on the company registration office register already?

Market Trends & Promotion
Have you done any market research for your business?

What are your target markets?

Are there any new products coming onto your target market?

What range of products are currently being provided on your target market?

Have you considered the use of a marketing consultant?

How will you present & promote your product on the market?

Who will be your main customers?

What value of business would you anticipate from each of your main customers?

Who are your contacts for each main customer?

Who are your potential customers?

How do you wish to attract new customers?

Have you considered the use of internet business?

What are your main strengths in the market?

What do you feel gives you a competitive edge?

Terms of Trade
Do you offer credit and what are your credit limits for your customers?

What are your credit terms and how many days do customers have to settle your account?

Do you have a debt collection policy to control your credit terms?

Can you accept cash, cheque or credit card payments?

What payment terms do you have with your suppliers?

Do you offer discounts?

What is the quality required of the product supply?

How reliable are your suppliers?

How available are your supplies?

What is the product you need supply of?

How will you distribute your product?

Advisors, Finance & Grants
Who are your advisors i.e. financial, legal, technical & marketing?

What is your capacity to raise finance?

Who are the potential investors in your business i.e. banks/credit unions/government agencies etc?

Have you appointed an accountant/tax advisor?

What assets/activities will the finance be used for?

Have you opened a business bank account and arranged for authorised cheque signatories?

What are going to be your main costs?

What turnover do you require to break even?

What grant aid is available for your business? i.e. for capital expenditure, labour costs, business development, etc.

Have you considered the taxation framework for your business?

Have you registered your business for VAT/PAYE/Business Tax?

Have you considered the legal structure of your business i.e. sole trader/partnership or limited company?

Have you considered the accounting system requirements for your business?