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Starting a Business in Cork

Starting a Business in Cork

Are you thinking of starting a new business in Cork? For many this can be daunting and here at Murray Cloney & associates Limited we take a hands-on approach. The advantage of working with us is that we  have a wide range of experience across all business sectors and offer a personalised approach by an experienced staff member at the outset, combined with the professional knowledge and back up of the professionally qualified accountant/auditor.

We have three full time tax consultants and three fully registered auditors., as well as a sector that specialises in Bookkeeping, VAT and PAYE and also a sector that specialises in farming. The first major decision in setting up a business in Ireland is what taxes you need to register for and when, what returns need to be filed and how frequently they need to be filed, what type of books and records you need to maintain and what size you need to be before you develop your own bookkeeping system or whether you should engage an accountant to carry out basic bookkeeping services for you.

A lot of people need help in designing the lay out of their sales invoice books, their invoices, stationery, etc. Business people need hands on approach with regard to getting advice as to when the correct time to form a limited company be and how to go about it. In Murray Cloney & Associates we provide hands on service by experienced professionals to help you through the process.

Whether you are a Farmer, Haulier, Coal Merchant, I.T. Consultant or a Financial Regulated Industry Sector Business or indeed a Charity there are different rules and regulations applied to each sector but the common factors are quite similar. There is no one set of rules as to what is the best type of business structure or best type of software for your business it is only experience that enables us to plot the way through for you.

Without proper guidance with all of the registration forms, registration of business name, registration of companies and even the registration of domain names for websites, starting a business in cork can be daunting. Equally daunting can be fear of the Revenue arriving at your doorstep interrogating you because you do not know what records you should be keeping to run a business.

see www.supportingsmes.ie the online tool that brings together supports from various Government bodies and agencies