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Business Startups Cork – Free Consultancy Offer

We know how hard it is to get going for any new business, so we have a special first time consultancy package tailored for new start-ups.

So what will it cost you? We normally charge €250 for this consultation but if you decide you’d like to become one of our clients, that fee is waivered, so join us as a client and your initial consultation is FREE!

Included in this offer is;

  • Initial consultation, discussing your specific needs, as we give you advice on starting up your own business.
  • Helping you in the choice of business name, keeping in mind SEO, copyright, etc, as we help you register it with the Companies Registration Office.
  • Helping you with your tax registration and getting tax registration numbers from Revenue, including VAT and RCT, if that is relevant.
  • Employer PRSI/PAYE and Income Tax/Corporation Tax.
  • Looking and registering in our database, your due dates for all tax returns, in order to comply with Irish Tax Law.
  • Providing you with professional bookkeeping advice, via our sister website QBK.ie
  • Advising on strategy, business expansion routes and how to avoid any penalties and Revenue interest charges.
  • Assistance with language translation and the nuances of business terminologies, translated into your own language by specialist members of our team.
  • See www.supportingsmes.ie…..the online tool for various Government Departments and agencies.