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Our firm of accountants is based in Charleville, Co. Cork which is the heartland of Golden Vale and is not far from where the Co-op movement was founded. Accordingly it is correct to say that farming is very close to our roots and we are very aware of the developments within the farming sector and conscious of the fact that as large portion of our initial business stems from farming and farming related activity.

Our firm of accountants initially was formed by taking over the branch office of Collins Butler & Associates in Charleville which was largely farm accounts. In 1998 we formed an alliance with Fergus Blake agricultural consultant who shares offices with us in Charleville and runs a separate agricultural consultancy business. Accordingly under one roof it is possible to get a full package of services for farming including the following;

  • Farm taxation
  • Farm accounts
  • Farm inheritance tax management
  • All E.U. and national farm schemes including REPS and Farm Grants.
  • Planning permission for agricultural structures
  • Compulsory purchase negotiations
  • Legal support service for litigation cases and loss of earnings.
  • Approved department of Agriculture agents for REPS farm advisory service and farm grants.
  • Farm management advice and consultancy
  • Fergus Blake is also an auctioneer and accordingly he is in a position to offer advice with regard to valuation of properties and preparing properties for sale.
  • We have special interest in young trained farmers coming up and putting structures together to facilitate the natural succession on the farm.
  • We are mature enough to deal with complicated matters arising out of separation and divorce.
  • We are in a position to offer advice in relation to leasing of farmlands and taxation benefits and opportunities in this area.
  • We are in position to offer advice in relation to milk quotas.
  • We have experience in looking at the logic on forming a limited company for certain areas within the farming sector and employing family members on the farm.
  • We have experience in relation to revenue audit matters and are in a position to deal with key sensitive taxation issues that are subjected to revenue audit type of queries.