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Finding or Changing Accountant

Are you in the process of finding or changing your accountant?  Everyone in business needs an accountant yes, but is yours proactive in his/her ongoing relationship with you? And are they making the deadlines they should be making for you?

Potential Problems with your Accountant;

  • Does he/she return your phone calls/emails?
  • My Deadlines are not always her/his deadlines
  • Tax returns are not always going in on time, exposing me to possible Revenue Issues.
  • I seem to be growing too big for my accountant.
  • My accountant no longer seems interested in me/my business.
  • My accountant knows little about the grants available to my business and whether I’m eligible.
  • My accountant does not provide the FULL range of services that I need.
  • My accountant has little knowledge of my sector.
  • Is my account too cheap or too expensive for the amount and type of work I need him/her to do?
  • Does my accountant prepare management accounts for the banks?
  • Does my accountant know where to find funding for my business?
  • I’m not sure my accountant could handle a potential revenue audit.
  • Am I getting more excuses than advice?
  • Does my accountant know anything about branding and marketing my business?
  • If any of the above sounds familiar just contact us for a free chat to see what we can do for you at info@murraycloney.net

So Why Choose Us?

We are a carefully selected team with a solid business background and relevant qualifications.

We have high performance standards, a caring attitude towards people.

We give honest feedback in plainspeak.