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The Murray Cloney team are experienced accountants you can trust. We provide professional services across a broad spectrum of accountancy, bookkeeping, online accounting, audit, tax consultancy and business planning arenas. These relate not only to the sole trader, limited company, farmer or contractor, but also to the individual, looking perhaps for personal, financial, tax or business strategic planning services. Our ‘Associates’ include specialist in-house consultants in Tax, Life + Pensions, Agriculture and Business Plan formation for the IT and software sectors.

We grow our business by helping our clients grow themselves and this involves us providing them with the correct and timely information required to meet Revenue and business returns deadlines. But we also aim to be more than compliance agents. For clients who require an experienced accountant to provide them with the information to make key strategic decisions, we are the people to come to. We have teams specialising in the areas now outlined and we thank you for doing business with all of our offices. So browse our services below and get in contact with us to avail perhaps, of the special offer for Start-ups, or to ask us a question relevant to your own business and personal circumstances.

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Video Marketing, Branding and Video SEO

These have all become very important for all businesses these days,so important in fact, that we as a company are now offering our clients a consultancy service in this area. Yes there are many individual web design companies, SEO specialists and communications companies offering aspects of this service but we look at this from a holistic BUSINESS point of view with emphasis on what we think you need as opposed to what someone wants to sell you. So looking at things from your point of view as independent agents with years of experience in this area, we can very quickly help you produce your own media and marketing plan spend that is designed to get you a maximum return for your hard earned cash. Please contact our brand development manager Gerry Mac Bride for an initial conversation in this area.

Gerry Mac Bride, MCAL
Gerry Mac Bride, Brand Development Manager, Murray Cloney + Associates Limited, Mahon Cork

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