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Privacy Policy/Protecting Your Data.

Protecting your personal and company data through a strong privacy policy has always been a key focus for all of us in Murray Cloney & associated Ltd. As a professional accounting services provider, we have therefore been aware more than most of the sensitivities involving all company and personal data stored in our offices and on our IT systems. We hold and process a range of personal and company data as part and parcel of our daily accounting operations. On your behalf, this data is shared with state and private bodies as appropriate to our engagement with those bodies as we act on your behalf.As a company we have therefore been aware of these issues long before the GDPR May deadline. For instance, as part of staff training, we have always asked our team to treat ALL data as if it was their own, being mindful at all times of their use,storage and security of same. Hence all our clients can be assured that not only do we treat data seriously, but we have active data management systems in place to ensure that it is managed professionally . For instance, year on year, we have two annual data audit dates identified (Feb 27th and Sept 30th) and on these dates our data officer will do a complete in-house data audit, including the disposing of redundant files where it is appropriate.

Clients are also invited to inspect our GDPR Implementation Plan and Guidelines Document available in the office for viewing by appointment and should you have any query in this area please email our data officer directly on;   data@muraycloney.net