MCAL Welcomes DBEI Skillset Report on Brexit Implications

Murray Cloney & Associates Ltd are delighted to acknowledge yesterday’s publication of the DBEI report on the requirement to address the skills needs arising from the potential trade implications of Brexit. In particular we note recommendations we now quote below, some of which we put forward with cross-industry colleagues at the Cork workshop in Februrary. Its rewarding to see regional SME voices represented at national level in this important report published ahead of Brexit and the challenges it may hold for many of our cients. The full report may be downloaded from the DBEI website at;

Overarching recommendations Recommendation 1 Launch an intensified industry awareness and outreach campaign to enhance understanding amongst internationally trading and FTDL enterprises and to proactively address the skills needs arising from Brexit. 2 Introduce additional customs awareness and higher level customs clearance training and advice for third country trading as the implications of Brexit become clearer. 3 Enhance the provision of financial management advice, training and mentoring for internationally trading enterprises, with a particular focus on currency management, VAT for third country trading, and contract management. 4 Undertake targeted campaigns to attract skilled personnel from overseas. 5 Promote measures to enhance the ability to diversify trade with non-UK markets.  Enhance international trading and Logistics/Supply Chain content in education and training provision  Build up Ireland’s foreign language capability for international trade (particularly with Eurozone markets)  Enhancement of intercultural awareness and international business experience  Build up product design and development skills 6 Establish a National Logistics and Supply Chain Skills Group, to manage a coordinated response from the Logistics and Supply Chain sectors to promote the sectors and their skills needs. 7 Develop a schools/communication toolkit and awareness raising campaigns for Logistics, Supply Chain and Transportation careers across all sectors, and an improved understanding of the cross sectoral skills needs, employment numbers and career opportunities in supply chain activities 8 Support the development, and promote the rollout of and engagement with the Logistics and Service apprenticeship programmes.