Changing Accountant

So, you are reading this because you are possibly thinking about the service your accountant is currently providing for you. The fact is of course, everyone in business needs an accountant. But are they proactive in their ongoing relationship with you? And are they making the deadlines you need them top make? Lets talk a little more about YOUR needs by booking a call with one of us to discuss YOUR requirements.

Potential Problems with your Accountant;

Does he/she return your phone calls/emails?

My Deadlines are not always her/his deadlines?

Tax returns are not always going in on time, exposing me to possible Revenue Issues.

I seem to be growing too big for my accountant.

My accountant no longer seems interested in me/my business.

My accountant knows little about the grants available to my business and whether I’m elegiable.

My accountant does not provide the FULL range of services that I need.

My accountant has little knowledge of my sector.

Is my account too cheap/expensive?

Does my accountant prepare management accounts for the banks?

Does my accountant know where to find funding for my business?

I’m not sure my accountant could handle a potential revenue audit.

Am I getting more excuses than advice?

Does my accountant know anything about branding and marketing my business?

So Why Choose Us?

We are a carefully selected team with a solid business background and relevant qualifications.

We have high performance standards, a caring attitude towards people.

We give honest feedback in plainspeak.

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