Taxation and Taxation Management

Managing ones life can be difficult enough besides managing a business also. When you add to this the function of managing taxation it turns many people off becoming self-employed. At Murray Cloney & Associates we have a philosophy of trying to create an environment that enables people to follow their dreams and run their business and have knowledge of how the taxation system works.

Tax Compliance

We treat every tax code seriously from VAT to PAYE/PRSI, Sub-contractors Taxes, Corporation Tax, Income Tax, C.G.T. and Capital Acquisitions Tax. If one is to be successful in managing ones wealth one must manage ones tax efficiently and effectively in a timely manner. It is impossible to run your life and your business if your existence is being constantly interfered with by the arrival of unwanted and unexpected communications from the Revenue. Accordingly Tax Management is critical and it is our philosophy to ensure that as far as possible all taxes are complied with in a timely manner.


We all know that taxation is a major factor when it comes to making personal financial as well as business decisions. As taxpayers we are all individually responsible for managing our own tax affairs however the rules governing the many different areas of taxation are complex hence the need for professional advice. Murray Cloney & Associates are taxation specialists. We have extensive experience in dealing with all areas of taxation including:

  • Business Tax
  • Company Tax
  • Personal Tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Retirement Tax

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company; whether you are starting a new business or thinking of acquiring or merging with another, Murray Cloney & Associates will advise you in the most suitable and tax effective structure for your business. We will encourage you to take advantage of tax opportunities and reliefs and help you anticipate future liabilities.

At Murray Cloney & Associates we can also provide advice in terms of your personal finances. Perhaps you are thinking of making an investment – buying property, buying into a new business or investing in a pension scheme? Maybe you would like to sell your business or pass on the family business to a family member. Maybe you are getting a divorce or separation? Regardless of the situation or venture it is important that you are aware of the taxation rules that will affect you.

We all need to plan for our retirement and whether we like it or not, we all need to make plans for the transfer of our estate when we die. Forward thinking and planning now will ensure that you will have made adequate provision both for yourself in your retirement and for your surviving family.

So whether you are planning your retirement, planning your estate, need advice on capital gains tax, inheritance tax or business tax, Murray Cloney are here to help. Through our range of taxation services we will help you minimise your taxation liabilities.